Searching Notices

If you want to search for notices that identify a particular debtor or that include a particular motor vehicle serial number, or if you want to find a notice by its registration number, you may select the Search option either from the Welcome screen without logging in or from the Home Page while you are logged in. However, if you want a certified search report of your search, you must be logged in and select it from the Home Page, because there is a fee for a certified search report. After you select the Search option, the search screen will open.

Whether or not you are logged in, the search screen includes tabs for the different types of search criteria from which you may select.
  • If you know the registration number of the initial notice, select the registration Number tab, enter the registration number in the displayed registration number field and click the Submit button.
  • If you are searching for notices that name a particular debtor, click the Debtor tab. In the Debtor tab, select the type of debtor on which you want to search.
    • If the debtor is a company or organization, enter its full legal name as it appears on its organizational document in the displayed field, and click the Submit button.
    • If the debtor is an Individual, select appropriate option. Enter the Individual’s exact legal name in the indicated field and click the Submit button. You must enter the surname exactly. You will find all notices that name the debtor, but may also find other notices that name other persons who have the same surname. Review the notice to confirm if the record identified is for the intdividual in whom you are interested.
  • If you are searching for notices that include a particular motor vehicle serial number (VIN), click the Vehicle Serial Number tab. Enter the serial number in the displayed field and click the Submit button.

When the search is submitted, the system will identify all matching notices and display all information for each notice in registration number sequence, with all change notices for each initial notice following the initial notice to which they are related.

If you are logged in, the search screen will permit you to request the results to be certified by checking a box. If you request a certified search report, the results of the search will include certification language and facsimile signature of the authorized official in the Land Registration Authority (LRA). It will also include a unique number for the certified search report that can be used to retrieve the report from the Filing Office database if needed later. The certified search report is an official record of the Filing Office, and you can use the printed report as evidence of the state of the record on the date of the certified report. If a court should refuse to recognize the certified report, you may request an originally signed certificate of authenticity from the Filing Office representative in the LRA by providing the number of the certified search report. A fee is incurred for certified searches.